A little about me

Hello Everyone

If you found this post welcome to my mom club! I hope that you will stay to see all the things that will be coming your way.

As for me? Well I’m a mom to 2 who sometimes I would like to sell on Ebay(really cheap). I am also a wife to wonderful man who is a great dad and husband, but sometimes I would really like to choke him and leave him for dead. If you have kids and a husband I’m sure you know what I’m taking about . It’s ok to love someone to death but secretly wants to sell/kill them right ? I think so and frankly any woman who says she doesn’t have these feelings is well a liar. That’s right a liar.

On top of being a stay at home mom I also have many hobbies such as cake decorating, crafts, drawing and I’m a bath enthusiast as self care is super important. I like thinks like beaches, crystals, oracle cards, Netflix and coffee to name a few.

My goal for this blog is to create a SAFE relatable space for moms everywhere. Some where to talk about all the great moments but as well as the nitty gritty stuff no one ever talks about. I hope to bring a sense of togeatherness and use this blog as a way to show that in the end we are all in this togeather. Weather your response is to laugh, cry or ask “what was she thinking” . I hope you enjoy everything this blog has in store for you and keep coming back for more.


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