Super power or super annoying ?

Picture from google.com

I don’t know about you, but there are a lot of people in my life who were moms. Not just moms but parents in general. You know they tell you about the long nights ahead. The days going too fast even though the nights feel so very long. They tell you about the picky eaters and the cartoons on repeat. How hard it will be at times but how its so very worth it.

What they dont prepare you for is how many times that little bundle of joy can scream mom. At the top of their lungs in just 5 minutes. I think my youngest daughters record is 1587. I’m not even kidding. This childs ability to scream mom over and over without even taking a breath is not only impressive its damn near a super power.

See my daughter shes 4 and she demands attention ALL of the time. While I do love her dearly I’m very much considering changing my name and refusing to be called mom. Ever again period. Y’all shes driving me insane.

I just want to go to the bathroom in peace. Just once seriously it’s on my wish list for Christmas. Everytime I go to the bathroom my loving child screams ” mom mom mom mom mom” at the top of her lungs like some wild beast has burt in the door and decided shes lunch.

I truly have no idea where she gets her dramatics from (obviously it isn’t from me). Today I decided to try a new approach I was going to do to her what she does to me. So every time she left the room I yelled her name untill she came back. At bedtime I tucked her in and said goodnight. I closed the door and then I heard it.

“Mom mom mom mom mooooom”

I open the door again gritting my teeth and trying not to sound annoyed. Everyone knows when your facing an opponent you can not show weakness. So in the sweetest non annoyed voice I could muster I said ” yes baby” and this kid said …

“Momma you were kind of at a 10 today tomorrow we should try for a 3”

Touchee kid touchee

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