Why I LOVE Monday

Photo taken by me

Self care is super important for everyone, especially moms. I mean you spend 24 hours a day giving your all to other people. The thing is though you can’t pour from an empty cup. Once your cup is empty, thats it. You start walking around like a zombie existing, but not really living. You go to sleep feeling guilty. We’ve all been there.

See the kids while incrediblely cute have so much damn energy. I’m like 99% precent sure that they suck it directly from our souls. Anyway you get the point being mom is hard and in order to keep the soul, I mean energy supply up you have to get yourself a monday.

See monday is my favorite day of the week. I am truly blessed with what I believe is the worlds best Nana. My mother being the saint that she is takes my children faithfully every single monday. Which in turn means me and hubby get to jump in the truck and go on a road trip. We go for nice long drives, enjoying nature, trying new restaurants, and visting places we have never been.

I used to feel bad for taking off and leaving my kids with Nana one day a week. I dont anymore.


Because I deserve it. I deserve every single minute of it. I know what you’re thinking but guess what? You do to. You deserve a “monday” you deserve a break and a chance to recharge and you shouldnt feel guilty about it.

I unapologetically drop my kids off to Nana every single monday. I pick them up just in time to tuck their sleepy eyes into bed. While dreams of how to torture me tomorrow dance in their heads. As for me I go to bed fully reacharged and ready for the week ahead.

Girl dont feel guilty get yourself a monday ❤

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