Mom problem #6892937

Do any of you use those suction cup bowls? You know the ones that you spend 15 minutes trying to stick to the tray. Mumbling to yourself the whole time probably using some words that would make a sailor blush.

Then some how miraculously before you even turn around. Your kids got that sucker off the tray. So there you stand trying not to show your fear in hopes that he wont launch his breakfast into the air.

You attempt to move closer slowly, so very slowly. Maybe he wont notice. Maybe just maybe your ninja mom skills will prevail, and you will successfully get that god forsaken bowl before he knows what is happening. You inch forward again and think huh this is going good. You start to get excited you’ve still got it. Then you see it.

The smirk…

The cute, evil little smirk that means your toast. Raise the white flag it’s time to surrender. Then right on que your toddler launches his breakfast into the air and as it moves in slow motion, you just watch it drop. Knowing full well you’ve lost another battle.

So you sigh and go to pick up the bowl and what would you know. As if working togeather in some secret plot the bowl is stuck to the floor. So there you stand staring at the bowl and the mess cursing under your breath, while your kids laugh hysterically. After all you are talking to a bowl.

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