Can I have a bite ?

Why is it that kids want everything you have. Even if they dont like it. As long as it’s you who’s eating it they want a bite, if it’s somthing good they want the whole damn thing. Like is it written somewhere that once you have kids you are from that day on destined, and obligated to share every single thing that you eat?

Today my hubby brought me back a donut from the coffee shop. My youngest had his cookie, my daughter had asked for apple juice. Mainly I’m convinced because she knew that mom would share. So straight over she comes and sits practically ontop of me. We start chatting about the line at the store and she’s eyeing the bag. So I take a sip of my coffee and she says

“Momma aren’t you going to eat that yummy donut”

I knew I would be lucky to get a bite of it. So I take the donut out of the bag, and ask her if she wants a peice. Of course she does so I break her off a little less then half. Now for a child that eats supper excruciatingly slow like I’m talking over an hour sometimes. This kid can put back donuts faster then the speed of light.

So her peice is gone, and I go to take a bite. She starts thats thing, you know what I mean. Where they stare at you with their puppy dog eyes. It feels as though you’re moving in slow motion. The closer you come to your mouth. The sadder your kid looks, and in that moment you know.

You just know . You’re screwed.

So you give your kid the donut and as their eyes light up and the thank yous roll in . You realize that you have learned a very important lesson for next time. Buy 2 . Always buy 2 . And if you’re really really lucky you may just get a bite.

2 thoughts on “Can I have a bite ?”

  1. It’s called the Mum diet – eat scraps of their leftover food on their plates as you’re cleaning up & doing a million other things. Give 90% of your food to them – unless it’s broccoli 🥦- in which case you probably get the whole plate to yourself 🥰😂


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