I just want to sleep like my Husband

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Good Morning Everyone , or should I say happy a$$ crack of dawn. Have you ever noticed that no matter what you do, kids get up ungodly early.

Seriously you can run thoose little demons untill midnight. Have them out in the yard, or going from one game to the next, and they still wake up before the sun. It’s really not fair you know, it’s really not. Let me set the scene for you. I’m layimg in bed it’s dark, it’s warm, I’m dreaming that I’m on a beach somewhere with a drink in my hand. Most importantly no children are allowed on this beach, and I’m having a great time being fanned by some beautiful pool boy. The best part he hasn’t said a word the whole time.

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Then I hear it,the static from the baby monitor starts to creep into my dream. I try to ignore it but the baby cries. It sounds through my dream skies like thunder. I know its time to wake up but I don’t want too ” just 5 more minutes” I scream from my dream beach.

I lay there with my eyes closed swirling through a sea of black. Trying to get back to my beach, but its gone. I hear my 4 year old come into the room. She climbs up on the bed and starts knocking on my forehead. “Hello anyone home” she questions as she knocks some more. I keep my eyes closed maybe she will give up. Maybe just maybe I will get back to my dream.

I hear her sigh in defeat and think to myself maybe I’m winning, but just as I start to silently celebrate. My demon…I mean child prys my eyes open with thoose boney little fingers and says “Hello Momma anyone home”.

With that I stop fighting the enevitibale, and get up. While my husband snores away beside me barely moving in the bed. I head downstairs eyes barely open, and as I drink my coffee I can’t help but chuckle. Everyone always says ” I wish I could sleep like a baby” screw that…

I just want to sleep like my husband.

4 thoughts on “I just want to sleep like my Husband”

  1. Yaaassssss ! In Australia or clocks moved by an hour last week “day light savings”- & I was like – awesome ! The kids will sleep till daylight now, but no they still wake at 5am, which was the old 4am- so good.

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