Mom Fail

Picture from www.ambitiouskitchen.com

My youngest is one, and a half, I’ve gotten pretty lucky with him he will eat anything. Its a nice break from my 4 year old who doesn’t eat anything green, anything with crust, or not prepared exactly the way she likes it. To say she’s a picky eater would be an understatement.

I’ve often found that bribing her with a peanut butter cup if she eats all of her meal has given me some great reaults. So we’ve stuck with that. I’m happy shes eating, shes happy, because she thinks shes out smarted me. Her brother is happy, because while only one he definitely has found his love for peanut butter cups.

So they finished eating my daughter brings her plate over proudly on display with nothing left, and asks if she may have her treat now. I give her one and unwrap one for her brother. Give him his, and turn around to continue doing the dishes. I get the dishes cleaned up then grab a wipe to clean up the baby. I wipe his hands off, and as I go to wipe his mouth I notice a little peice of paper stuck to his lip.

Then it hits me. You know the little brown cup wraper on the actual peanut butter cup? Well I forgot to take it off. Im assumimg whats left of it is stuck to my kids face. So I’m trying not to laugh, and I peel the little peice of paper from his lip, holding it up and say

” why did you eat this buddy yuck”. Before I even know what is happening he plucks the little peice from my finger. Shoves it into his mouth, and with that cute little smile beaming up at me says



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