Spooky Season

So spooky season is my favorite season. The colors, the cool air, fall candles and pumpkin spice I just love it. October hits, and I’m walking around like happy Hallothanksmas. Halloween is my favorite holiday I love it more then Christmas,and trust me it shows.

This year we decided to decorate inside.My youngest has no fear, and well my daughter she’s kind of a scardy cat. Anyway, she had a ball we all decorted together,and had a lot of fun. My daughter was freaking out but in a good way. she said our house looked just like “vamperinas” house now. My son was running around jumping from behind things yelling “boo” it was all around a good time.

Well then it got dark. Not even bedtime just dark. My daughter took off upstairs, which is not where her bedroom is, and refused to come down. She said our house was full of “creepy stuff”, and that she didnt want to be like Vamperina anymore.

So with bedtime closely approaching we took it all down. All that remains is “boney” and “boooba” pictured above.I’m sad she doesn’t share my love for Halloween . Oh well theres always next year right?

Happy Hallowthanksmas everyone.

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