This Is Your Brain… This Is Your Brian When You’re Mom.

Picture done by Just Ask Ma ( AKA Me)

Mom Brain is real.

It is so very real, and if you have kids chances are you have fallen victim to this condition more then once. This is an actual visualization of my Brian on a daily basis. Its no wonder I spent 20 minutes looking for my keys. Only to find them in my hand.

Don’t bother lying. I know it’s happened to you too. Maybe not exactly with keys. Maybe you’re always looking for your cellphone, forgetting play dates, or putting things down, and then forgetting where you put them. Welcome to mom brain isn’t it fantastic?

Well if nothing else its a great excuse for getting out of things you dont want to do. Dinner with the In-laws? No problem, mom brian to the resuce. I think I’ll start Journaling all the ways mom brian has really saved my ass….

That is if I can ever remeber where I stuffed my pen.😅

Picture from google.com

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