I Can’t Eat That …

I woke up thinking about this story today, and thought I would share it with you. See my daughter she was about two, and a half. She was a very smart girl, but also a self proclaimed vegetarian she wouldn’t eat any meat. None at all even though in our house we eat meat every night she would not touch it.

Anyway it’s close to Easter time, and we had been trying out different Easter treats to see what she liked, or didn’t like. If you’re a mom you know the Easter Bunny can’t bring crappy treats. This particular day we were trying out Peeps. You know thoose little marshmallow chicks covered in sugar?

Picture from google.com

So I give her one, and shes holding it looking up at me so confused. “Go on baby give it a try” I say. She sits there looking from the little candy chick to me over, and over again. She then lets out a little sigh, looks so disgusted and says

“Momma I can’t eat that… that’s a cluck cluck!!!”

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