Anxiety Is Just A Vicious Circle

Do you ever make plans with a friend? You’re super excited at the time. Which is a week before when things were calm. You talk about how much you missed each other, and all the things you could plan to do. You hang up the phone, and you’ve got this sort of bounce to your step. You start counting down the minutes before you make your great escape. You may even be in a great mood for the next few days. It seems silly but hey you’ve got a date. A time where freedom commences, and you get to conversate with a real life adult. One who doesn’t live with you. The excitement is almost uncontainable as you fantasize about having a real life conversation with a real life adult.

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The day comes, and you wake up feeling rather unsettled. You start hoping your friend will cancel, and start looking for reasons to do the same. You check your kids for any sign of sickness, but their fine. So you start thinking of excuses things you can say to get you out of this thing. This thing you’ve been excited for all week. You rack your brain, but you come up with nothing. So you plop yourself on the coach and stare at the wall in defeat. You’re going, and you know it.

The time rolls around, and you drag yourself out the door like the failure you are. I mean really who can’t think of somthing believable to ditch their friend? You meet your friend, and you have a fantastic time. You go home, and promise to have a girls night again soon. You agree eagerly saying you havent have this much fun in ages.

You go back home to reality feeling silly for ever making such a fuss. As you step back into your house with the bounce in your step fully restored. You know, you just know that next time. Well next time will be the same thing all over again.

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