How I’m Saving 295 Dollars A Month!

You guys I came to a harsh realization the other day. Me and my Husband are addicts… Coffee addicts that is. Every morning the same routine. Wake up, load the kids in the car, and head for Tims.

Picture taken by: Just Ask Ma

We do this every single morning. We get coffee, and juice/ donuts for the kids. Seven days a week the first thing we do when we open our eyes is spend twelve dollars on coffee. So then I got thinking about how much that really was.

$12 x 7 days a week = $84

$84 x 4 weeks a month= $336

Of course making coffee at home isn’t free but it is much cheaper. It will cost about forty dollars or so a month for coffee, cream, sugar and filters . Leaving us with a savings of 295ish dollars per month. Just by cutting out our morning coffee run.

To me it’s amazing that we become so accustomed to convenience we don’t even see that we’re paying through the nose. 295 a month is 3540 dollars per year. All to avoid pouring my own coffee into my own cup.

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