Always Read The Fine Print.

Good Morning Everyone 😘

I hope you all are well this morning, and having a much better day then I am. Currently I am waiting for hubby to get out of bed. Then I’m off to Wal-Mart to buy more plastic plates, and cups. You see it seems we have a mystery.

Photo from Amazon.com

This morning when I woke up every plastic plate, bowl, and cup in my house is missing. That’s right poof gone. I’ve checked bedrooms, under beds, the toy kitchen, under the coach, and in the bathrooms because well you just never know. Nadda, nothing, no where to be found.

Of course when asking my family it was a case of “haven’t seen it” “wasn’t me” and “I’m not even old enough to cook.” Which I must admit was a good excuse, but seriously WHERE ARE MY DISHES. I’ve lost two cups, and a bowl this morning at breakfast alone. Why? Well, because Giving my kids anything breakable is a sure fire way to insure it gets broken.

So I’m going to buy more plastic dishes in an attempt to save what’s left of my glass ones. This time though I’m going to read the fine print. Just to be extra sure that these ones won’t grow legs, and run away never to be seen again. Apparently thats a thing.

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