Baby Sleep Hack.

I see so many people having babies. Their beautiful, tiny, and you know they have that brand new smell. Thanks to Covid you can no longer head straight over to your friends house for a new baby snuggle. So as you look at all these beautiful babies on your feed, and your baby fever goes wild. Your ovaries scream at you to have another one. While your mind knows that very thought is outrageous.

Babes aren’t all fun, and games though. While their incredibly cute, and smell really good most don’t sleep well if at all. My youngest Jaxson didn’t sleep for the first 2 months of his life, and he only wanted me. I tried everything soothers, white noise, special soap, swaddles,gas drops,singing, rocking, you name it I tried it. Somehow though every night he would lay awake, and I with him.

While thoose exhausting nights are worth every second they are well exhausting. I wanted to share the one thing that helped my boy who never slept. It wasn’t his fault he was colicky, brand new, and just wanted his Momma.

Picture from www.google.com

Anyway back to what worked. I would take his sleeper around supper time, and stuff it in my shirt. Where it would stay untill bed. Then at bedtime I would take it out of my shirt, and change him into the sleeper. He would be so wrapped up in my smell he would go straight to sleep. I would take another sleeper, and keep that in my shirt untill his next feed. Then change him into the fresh sleeper straight from the Momma dryer.

This went on for about 6 months, but we were happier when rested. The sleeper trick allowed us both to get some rest. Sometimes us Moms just have to pick our battles.

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