Before And After

My youngest is one, and a half he has got the most beautiful, silky blonde hair. It’s soft, and curly at times. It’s also way too long, or atleast it was. Yesterday I made a mistake I underestimated my child, and now I get to live with that regret.

See my mother-in-law wanted to take him for his first haircut. I said yes, because well I was positive it would be a no go. I was so sure that she would get there, and he would melt down. I was positive he would come home with that beautiful blonde hair still intact.

I was wrong. My baby sat in the chair like a pro, and got his hair all chopped off. While he looks adorable with his fresh new look there’s a lesson to be learned. Never ever be sure that your kids won’t do somthing. Almost one hundred percent of the time they will.

Turns out it wasn’t him who wasn’t ready for a haircut at all. It was me, and while I love his new look. I can’t help but be sad that my little boy is growing up. Also I kind of miss his wild hair.

2 thoughts on “Before And After”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate the “like”.
    As for this post, get your boy used to having short hair. Or he’ll turn into a hippy once he hits the teen years 😉


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