Why MLM Is Not A Pyramid.

I’m in a lot of mom groups, and I see posts all the time about MLM. Recently I was involved in a debate of sorts. This person believes MLM is brain washing moms into thinking their providing for their families. In reality these women spend way more then they make, but are made to believe their doing good. This person believes that MLM is an illegal pyramid in disguse. So today that’s what I wanted to talk about.

Is MLM evil?

Is MLM really making people money?

Is MLM a pyramid?

Before you go running off to condem a friend for selling Thrive, Younique, Scentsy or whatever else. Just hear me out. Outside of MLM when you get a job in society you typically get a schedule, uniform, job title and an hourly rate of pay. We call this a “legitimate job” in reality it’s a rental. The company is paying you an hourly rate for your time. They are renting your services to sell their products. If you sell thousands you make the same as if you sell nothing. So the company is assuming all the risk, but they are also making all the money.

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All MLM is doing is cutting out the “employer.” They are allowing these ladies to sell directly from a warehouse distributor while making a commission for the sale. There is no cap on sales leaving your income potential limitless. You also are only accountable to yourself, and sales directly make or break you personally. No one is renting your time or assuming the risk for your employment. This means without sales there’s no income, and unless you can sell water to a fish thats a slippery slope.

MLM gets a bad rap because people think it’s a miracle solution. They think that all they have to do is buy the kit, make a post on facebook, and money starts rolling in. They think because their friends are successful they will be too. The cold truth is a sales job is not for everyone. The same way construction, or kitchen work is not for everyone. It takes hard work, determination, consistency, and probably more time then a “legitimate job.” If you’re not passionate, and willing to work hard for success. You just won’t be successful it’s that simple.

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The irony is people are upset because they think it’s a pyramid. In reality they are upset because it isn’t. A pyramid is defined by an investment with a guaranteed income return. When sign-ups think it’s as simple as buying the kit, making a post, and watching the cash roll in. What they have just effectively done is signed up for a pyramid. Only problem is.. this isn’t what MLM is. There needs to be sales for there to be an income, and there needs to be hard work for there to be success.

Most fail from lack of ambition, or the lack of confidence to put themselves out there. Then claim it’s a pyramid who only benefits thoose on top. In conclusion MLM is not a pyramid, it isn’t evil and it isn’t illegal. It just isn’t for everyone, myself included.

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