When life’s a mess, just clean your house.

Lets talk clutter.

What is clutter anyway? Clutter is something that plaques everyones life at some point, or another. Now if you are a super human, and keep on top of clutter. Well good for you, and you probably won’t enjoy this particular blog. However if you are like me, and suddenly find you have stuff everywhere with no place to call home. Well then you’re in the right place.

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Where do you start, how do you possibly minimize if you brought the stuff into the home clearly you must need it right? Wrong. It is amazing how much stuff we bring home, and never use again. Just think of all the gifts you’ve pretended to love over the years. That are now sitting lovingly at the bottom of your closet. You have stuff you don’t want, or need trust me. Throwing it out, or donating that stuff makes room for all the stuff that you do need.

It’s no secret that our surroundings impact our mood, mentality, and even our mental/physical health. If you’re house is chaos theres a good chance your life is to. My Mom always told me “organize your home, and your life will follow” she couldn’t have been more right.

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Before you label me as a clean freak just hear me out. Think back to the last time you cleaned your room. With freash sheets on the bed. Now think about the feeling you had when you came home to the freashly cleaned clutter free room. It’s light, airy, and the stress of the day doesn’t feel so bad anymore. Your mood lifts, and you can relax. Lets admit coming home to a clean, tidy home is one of the best feelings there is.

Now think about when you come home to a messy house. Your good mood usually dwindles, or your bad one gets worse. It’s impossible to relax, and this can leave you feeling overwhelmed, agitated, or even angry.

When life is a mess, just clean your house.

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