Healthy? Not so much.

Today I came face to face with a harsh reality. They jam pack our food with so much crap it is almost shocking. I mean don’t get me wrong I know they need additives, and such I don’t live under a rock. We have all seen it the people, the ads, and yes even the memes. They all ask one thing do you know what you are eating. Up until today I didn’t pay them much mind. However today it sparked an interest so I had a look.

Picture from Google.com

Now don’t come for me, but my kids LOVE bear paws. While I was never under the assumption that they were good for you. They are marketed as the healthy choice compared to other treats. So I took a look this morning, and what I found was a whole list of ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce. Acid this, and kskahsjs that. These are things that I could make in my kitchen for ten ingredients or less. No acids, or fancy words required.

I plan to look to other areas of our lives, and see where it is possible to cut out some of the extra crap we are consuming just by trying to save time. For now me, and my family will be switching to snacks made in our kitchen with ingredients we can pronounce.

Picture of my delicious Banana Berry Muffins.🙃

I whipped up a batch of banana berry muffins before noon, and lets just say no one is complaining as of yet 😁

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