Truth is, I am not big boned.

I’ve always been overweight ever since I was a kid. Well almost always, but that isn’t the point of this post. People used words like “big boned”, and “baby fat.” Until I got older then those words turned to “you’re really going to eat that”, and just “fat.” Somewhere theres a transition though I can’t quite put my finger on where exactly it is. At some point being over weight stops being seen as cute, or baby fat, and you start being seen as fat, and unhealthy.

In response you start reaching out to friends, family, doctors, the internet, or anywhere else that can tell you how to fix your problem. Then the dieting begins you start losing weight life is good. The only problem is diets don’t work unless you’re prepared to eat that way for the rest of your life. Normally the calorie deficit is so great that once you resume normal eating it all moves back in usually with a few friends.

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Weight fluctuations is somthing I deal with regularly. Sometimes with my condition all I can eat for weeks is smoothies, and soup broth. This being because I’m unable to touch my teeth togeather or chew. Now when this happens I usually drop a fair bit of weight, and people notice. They tell me how great, and how healthy I look. Which is kind of funny, and ironic when you think about it.

Usually once I resume regular eating I pack the weight I lost right back on much faster then it came off. This is frustrating, defeating, and most of all depressing. This is why I’ve chosen to focus on how I feel rather then the number on the scale. I could report today that I am ten pounds lighter. However it isn’t an accomplishment, nor from anything I’ve done. It’s just a side effect of my condition, which will be back probably with a few friends.

However in the name of small steps we will be packing up the kids, and going for a small hike today ❤ Yay for small steps!

2 thoughts on “Truth is, I am not big boned.”

  1. All we do is eat in lockdown! Argh!

    Try intermittent fasting. I still eat what I want (as healthy as possible with odd cheating here and there), drink water before and after everything I eat and drink and aim for minimum 12 hours of no food overnight to start. I’m really thrilled with how much better this works than food restrictions. (Keep in mind shoving fries and burgers and pie in your mouth all day isn’t the point…😉)

    I think I wrote about it on my blog some time ago. I fall off but go back often and stick to it. I manage to at least not gain weight. I do 14-16 hours easily now that I’ve had practice.

    Good luck!


    1. I know isn’t awful? We have just been put into a full lock down for 4 weeks!! Seems like every step ahead comes with a few steps back.

      I did do intermittent fasting for a long time before I got sick. I used to fast for 16 as well.It doesn’t work so well for me now as my medications need to be taken with food every 4 hours 😑 wish I could though!!
      I was like you as well I would fall off, but always found it relatively easy to get back too.

      Thank you for the luck I think I’ll need it lol

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