I challenge you!!

I drank too much pop. Way too much like I’m talking two liters a day too much. If you cut me I would probably bleed diet pepsi. That’s right not only did I drink ungodly amounts every single day, I drank diet pop.

I want to talk about why I drank diet pop though. I drank it because it had zero calories, and of course when watching your weight anything with zero calories is basically water. Except it’s not it’s not even close. Diet pop is so jammed packed with aspartame, an artificial sweater solely responsible for the sweet taste.

I know I know so what right? Well aspartame actually causes the body to retain water as well as fat. It causes the metabolism to slow, and really isn’t very diet at all. Two months ago I gave up pop cold turkey, and my body went through withdrawals. I had night sweats, I was on edge, sluggish, and irritated for about four days. Giving it up hit me hard, and I never even seen it coming. In a million years I never thought my body would detox from pop.

Picture from google.com

The fact that somthing readily available to everyone including our children can have this effect on our bodies to me is mind blowing. This stuff is literally poison. Recently I drank pop for one night, I’m still feeling pretty bad, and its been three days. If you drink pop, I challenge you to give it up for two weeks. After week one I promise you’ll hate me less.

You might even thank me.

4 thoughts on “I challenge you!!”

  1. I’m with you on this, Ma! My kids used to tell me off about drinking too much Diet Coke, although I found it easy enough – the withdrawal symptoms described in your post notwithstanding – to give up when my doctor told me I had raised blood pressure. The trouble is, now that I’m trying to drink less alcohol, Diet Coke has started to creep back into my life as an evening treat and I’m just substituting one bad thing for another! Meanwhile, I also drink de-alcoholised beer, which strikes me as another unnatural thing to pour into my body, but we have far too many ‘choices’ these days to ever consider just going back to plain, healthy, water….


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