#001 Diaries Of a Female Delivery driver.

Becoming a delivery driver was never my intention it just sort of happened. I started working at a pizza shop as a cashier, and somehow became one of their drivers. Living in a fairly big city it came as no surprise that I was running into some very “interesting” people especially with the late night clientele.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the funny, crazy, and downright strange encounters I run into while out and about. The most recent one I can think of happened just last night.

I was delivering an order to a downtown hotel, the room was on the 6th floor. So obviously I needed to use the elevator I headed down the hall, and notice there’sa couple of people standing outside. I can hear faint music, not so faint cheers, and laughing.

So I get to the elevator, the voices are loud now, and it becomes apparent that there is currently an elevator party happening. The people waiting look super annoyed, and I would soon find out why. One of the men waiting obviously senses my confusion he starts laughing while saying “just watch”. He presses the up button the elevator door slides open simutaniously with a very loud “WHOOOO” from the ten people inside just having the time of their life. He tells me this has been going on for about ten minutes, because the people inside are too drunk to push the button for their floor.

Picture from a google.com

This happens three or four more times, and it becomes apparent that I am not getting on this elevator any time soon. I could take the stairs, but six floors up is a long way up. So I did what any mom would do I pushed the up button for one last final “WHOOOO” then I pushed number ten stepping back out of the elevator as I waved sweetly, and said…

“Going up”

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