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I mop my house every day!!

With two kids five, and under at that. I know what you're thinking why should you care? Well the truth is you shouldn't, however if you're like me, and always find that mopping is getting put on the back burner then this just might help you. See any mom knows the struggle of cleaning with… Continue reading I mop my house every day!!


Trying my hand at portraits

Before covid hit I was trying my hand at drawing people. As someone who was never taught drawing skills past nineth grade art class this was not an easy task. All the color manipulation trying not to make their faces look flat. Only to spend hours, and them have a flat face. Anyway number 17… Continue reading Trying my hand at portraits


Things they don’t tell you #6790

Bathroom breaks will no longer be a private thing. Actually there's a pretty good chance you will be peeing for an audience from this point on! Picture drawn by Me (Just Ask Ma)


Mind your Business

I swear my kids drop somthing on the floor or spill somthing and think oh well mom will get it. Im ninety present sure that is their thought process when making a mess. Yesterday was especially bad if I could make a bet that my children generally think I am their maid. I would take… Continue reading Mind your Business