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Simmer away your problems

Simmer pots are wonderful things, not only do they smell amazing simmering in your home all day they bring all kinds of great vibes, and energy. They bring whatever you intend really. The best part about a simmer pot is it grants wishes. I'm not talking genie in a bottle fix my life overnight wishes.… Continue reading Simmer away your problems


Trying my hand at portraits

Before covid hit I was trying my hand at drawing people. As someone who was never taught drawing skills past nineth grade art class this was not an easy task. All the color manipulation trying not to make their faces look flat. Only to spend hours, and them have a flat face. Anyway number 17… Continue reading Trying my hand at portraits


I Owe Every Nail Tech In The World An Apology.

You ever get your nails done, and think that it doesn't look so hard. As you watch your nail lady paint, polish grind, and repeat. You think if only you had the tools you could totally do that yourself. I mean after all it is just like painting your nails just a little more shaping,… Continue reading I Owe Every Nail Tech In The World An Apology.


&& The Ship Is Sinking.

Life is full of ups, and downs, highs, and lows. One day you have it all figured out. The next the ship is sinking while everyone around you has still got their orangey glow. Actual representation of my life right now. Drawn by Me Just Ask Ma


Things they don’t tell you #6790

Bathroom breaks will no longer be a private thing. Actually there's a pretty good chance you will be peeing for an audience from this point on! Picture drawn by Me (Just Ask Ma)


Things They Don’t Tell you #45782

Before you become a parent there are many things they tell you. There are also many things they leave out. Like the fact that everytime you smell poop,and know it is quite possible it's your kid. You will knowingly, and willingly shove your face into their behind just to make sure. Picture drawn by Me… Continue reading Things They Don’t Tell you #45782


This Is Your Brain… This Is Your Brian When You’re Mom.

Picture done by Just Ask Ma ( AKA Me) Mom Brain is real. It is so very real, and if you have kids chances are you have fallen victim to this condition more then once. This is an actual visualization of my Brian on a daily basis. Its no wonder I spent 20 minutes looking… Continue reading This Is Your Brain… This Is Your Brian When You’re Mom.


How Moms watch TV.

Picture drawn by Just ask Ma (Me) This is me, every single night after my kids go to bed. I get them to sleep, and head straight for the tv to catch up on my shows. If you do the same then you know its easy to get excited,and forget theres a bomb I mean… Continue reading How Moms watch TV.