When life’s a mess, just clean your house.

Lets talk clutter. What is clutter anyway? Clutter is something that plaques everyones life at some point, or another. Now if you are a super human, and keep on top of clutter. Well good for you, and you probably won't enjoy this particular blog. However if you are like me, and suddenly find you have… Continue reading When life’s a mess, just clean your house.

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I mop my house every day!!

With two kids five, and under at that. I know what you're thinking why should you care? Well the truth is you shouldn't, however if you're like me, and always find that mopping is getting put on the back burner then this just might help you. See any mom knows the struggle of cleaning with… Continue reading I mop my house every day!!


Mom Died

Picture from google.com Why is it that no matter what you do for your kids to get them settled beforehand. They literally need you like the sky is falling the minute you start doing somthing. Seriously ya'll I don't get it. Let me tell you a story. This is a true story it happened to… Continue reading Mom Died


Mind your Business

I swear my kids drop somthing on the floor or spill somthing and think oh well mom will get it. Im ninety present sure that is their thought process when making a mess. Yesterday was especially bad if I could make a bet that my children generally think I am their maid. I would take… Continue reading Mind your Business