Dear Doctor.

I wish that I could tell you what it's like for me. How my hands get clammy, and I tremble quietly in my seat. I wish that I could tell you how I talk myself down. How I want to fall apart but theres to many people around. I wish that I could tell you,… Continue reading Dear Doctor.


Lets Talk Canadian Healthcare

It is crap. Thats right the only way to describe it is crap complete, and total crap. I used to be one of those people that thought people who went on these rants were crazy. Untill now. Now I've experienced it, and the whole system is just crap. Today I asked for a second opinion,… Continue reading Lets Talk Canadian Healthcare


When life’s a mess, just clean your house.

Lets talk clutter. What is clutter anyway? Clutter is something that plaques everyones life at some point, or another. Now if you are a super human, and keep on top of clutter. Well good for you, and you probably won't enjoy this particular blog. However if you are like me, and suddenly find you have… Continue reading When life’s a mess, just clean your house.

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Simmer away your problems

Simmer pots are wonderful things, not only do they smell amazing simmering in your home all day they bring all kinds of great vibes, and energy. They bring whatever you intend really. The best part about a simmer pot is it grants wishes. I'm not talking genie in a bottle fix my life overnight wishes.… Continue reading Simmer away your problems


Trying my hand at portraits

Before covid hit I was trying my hand at drawing people. As someone who was never taught drawing skills past nineth grade art class this was not an easy task. All the color manipulation trying not to make their faces look flat. Only to spend hours, and them have a flat face. Anyway number 17… Continue reading Trying my hand at portraits


Why MLM Is Not A Pyramid.

I'm in a lot of mom groups, and I see posts all the time about MLM. Recently I was involved in a debate of sorts. This person believes MLM is brain washing moms into thinking their providing for their families. In reality these women spend way more then they make, but are made to believe… Continue reading Why MLM Is Not A Pyramid.


Baby Sleep Hack.

I see so many people having babies. Their beautiful, tiny, and you know they have that brand new smell. Thanks to Covid you can no longer head straight over to your friends house for a new baby snuggle. So as you look at all these beautiful babies on your feed, and your baby fever goes… Continue reading Baby Sleep Hack.


Public Service Announcement!

Why do people make unsolicited comments to mothers trying to wrangle a pissed off toddler into a cart. Like why just why? The other day at Wal-Mart my one,and a half year old had a melt down. Yes I know shocker a kid less then two, and three hours past his nap didn't want to… Continue reading Public Service Announcement!


This Is Your Brain… This Is Your Brian When You’re Mom.

Picture done by Just Ask Ma ( AKA Me) Mom Brain is real. It is so very real, and if you have kids chances are you have fallen victim to this condition more then once. This is an actual visualization of my Brian on a daily basis. Its no wonder I spent 20 minutes looking… Continue reading This Is Your Brain… This Is Your Brian When You’re Mom.


Reality check

Its just been one of those days. I haven't taken a shower, I haven't gone outside. I've been running around all day like a chicken with my head cut off, but I haven't actually accomplished anything. I'm feeling rather down and deflated at the moment. There's so many Judgey Judy's in this world its easy… Continue reading Reality check