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I mop my house every day!!

With two kids five, and under at that. I know what you're thinking why should you care? Well the truth is you shouldn't, however if you're like me, and always find that mopping is getting put on the back burner then this just might help you. See any mom knows the struggle of cleaning with… Continue reading I mop my house every day!!


Always Read The Fine Print.

Good Morning Everyone 😘 I hope you all are well this morning, and having a much better day then I am. Currently I am waiting for hubby to get out of bed. Then I'm off to Wal-Mart to buy more plastic plates, and cups. You see it seems we have a mystery. Photo from… Continue reading Always Read The Fine Print.


Things They Don’t Tell you #45782

Before you become a parent there are many things they tell you. There are also many things they leave out. Like the fact that everytime you smell poop,and know it is quite possible it's your kid. You will knowingly, and willingly shove your face into their behind just to make sure. Picture drawn by Me… Continue reading Things They Don’t Tell you #45782


You can do your hair weird, or dress like a duck

Picture from HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Halloween is my favorite holiday I love it more then any other one. I used to think my love of Halloween would dwindle. That once the free candy, and trick-or-treating with my friends was over I would like it much less. Twenty-nine years,and counting it's still my favorite. Why?… Continue reading You can do your hair weird, or dress like a duck


How Moms watch TV.

Picture drawn by Just ask Ma (Me) This is me, every single night after my kids go to bed. I get them to sleep, and head straight for the tv to catch up on my shows. If you do the same then you know its easy to get excited,and forget theres a bomb I mean… Continue reading How Moms watch TV.


Spooky Season

So spooky season is my favorite season. The colors, the cool air, fall candles and pumpkin spice I just love it. October hits, and I'm walking around like happy Hallothanksmas. Halloween is my favorite holiday I love it more then Christmas,and trust me it shows. This year we decided to decorate inside.My youngest has no… Continue reading Spooky Season


I just want to sleep like my Husband

Picture from Good Morning Everyone , or should I say happy a$$ crack of dawn. Have you ever noticed that no matter what you do, kids get up ungodly early. Seriously you can run thoose little demons untill midnight. Have them out in the yard, or going from one game to the next, and… Continue reading I just want to sleep like my Husband